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“To devote knowledge to the enhancement of human lived experience.”

Sakeenah is a not-for-profit, independent educational foundation based in New York City. Our purpose is to dedicate the sacred Islamic Sciences—(a) its ideals and ethics, and to apply their principles—along with various disciplines of human knowledge—towards the basic, human development of Muslims in America; and (b) codifying the essential principles of jurisprudence towards a practical model of business and personal ethics—toward a dynamic, worldly, and uniquely American spirituality.

It is our sincere hope to achieve this by:
  • Educating Muslims and Non-Muslims about the Islamic tradition, and how divine revelation can be used to enable humanity to live in harmony within the limitations of their world
  • Enabling Muslims to appreciate what is around them as a working model that has historic Islamic parallels- rather than by being preoccupied and hence limited, with the judgment of ‘tradition’ upon modern reality; and through that process redefine ‘secular’ constructs through the Islamic, not the “cultural,” world view
  • Inspiring Muslims to contribute to their craft and professional endeavors in a way that collectively contributes to the enhancement of “daily lived modern experience of all people” around them
  • Developing cooperative ventures with other non-profit organizations, that include counseling and training, aimed at community development and self-sufficiency
  • Raising the barometer of competence among professionals, mentoring them in their pursuits, and promoting community service among them
  • Building bridges between different community groups to teach tolerance, appreciation, respect and compassion for others
  • Holding workshops that explore the spiritual dimensions of
    modern experience

Learning Resources

Here are the articles, lectures and programs that represent the vision of SAKEENAH. They comprise the scholarly and academic foundation for our current and future plans. The latter include personal advancement and professional development as well as mentoring programs. Our efforts include independent initiatives as well as collaborative ventures with organizations and individuals aiming for similar goals.

Both the
Professional Resources
and the
Creative Resources
pages will be developed on a communal level over the next few months.

Celebrating Goodness

This is the identity-development focus of SAKEENAH. It not only provides us with a forum in which to tell our story in America but also enables us to pay homage to the individuals and groups to whom our story is indebted. We call it Celebrating Goodness for there is much goodness within our neighborhoods to highlight and to inspire.

Our founder and chairman is Shaykh Abdallah Adhami
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