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The following lectures have been presented by Shaykh Abdallah Adhami to various audiences over the course of the last decade. Due to the illegal distribution of these lectures, often under false pretences, a serious effort has been undertaken to ensure the quality of these recordings. Thus they have been made available here with Shaykh Abdallah�s approval. We are indebted and grateful for your patience and support as this
process has developed and apologize for any inconvenience you may have incurred as a result of unauthorized distribution. Please see our copyright policy before reading or downloading any of the content from these pages.

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“Lessons from Early Islamic Civilization”   RIS Annual Conference
Courtesy of SpiritWorks (December 2005)

“Partners in Faith”   RIS Annual Conference
Courtesy of SpiritWorks (December 2005)

Shine: A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love   Star Jones Reynolds,
(New York: HarperCollins,January 6, 2006).

The book includes an interview with Shaykh Abdallah Adhami.
  View Excerpt

Closer Than Veins, by Outlandish   Netherlands: Sony BMG, October 31, 2005 with an Interlude byShaykh Abdallah Adhami

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