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The following lectures have been presented by Shaykh Abdallah Adhami to various audiences over the course of the last decade. Due to the illegal distribution of these lectures, often under false pretences, a serious effort has been undertaken to ensure the quality of these recordings. Thus they have been made available here with Shaykh Abdallah´┐Żs approval. We are indebted and grateful for your patience and support as this
process has developed and apologize for any inconvenience you may have incurred as a result of unauthorized distribution. Please see our copyright policy before reading or downloading any of the content from these pages.

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The Nature of Women   Shaykh Abdallah begins by presenting the definition of human nature in the Quran in order to address the concept of the nature of women in Islam. He further elaborates this point by contrasting the Islamic view of women with views found in other traditions.

Shaykh Abdallah explains that men are the backbone of society and have a responsibility to stand up for truth and maintain righteousness and justice in society. Whereas women are the anchors of society - they are, as the word in the Arabic language implies, elements of stability for all those around them.
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Islam and Feminism   Shaykh Abdallah discusses the concept of feminism in the West contrasted with Islam. He first points out that in discussing feminism in the West, we must acknowledge the struggle that the feminists underwent, for what is proclaimed to be their struggle, needs to be acknowledged and respected as a 'human struggle'.

Gender Relations   In this ground-breaking series of lectures, Shaykh Abdallah discuses issues of gender, marriage, sexuality, and the interaction of male and female in a way that is both contemporary and deeply grounded in traditional Islam and classical scholarship. The topics presented in this series are as varied as gendered language in the Qur'an, the limits of male-female interaction, the process of getting married and the role of spirituality in married life. This series is essential listening for all Muslim families and students of Islamic knowledge.
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Sacrifices in Islam   In this lecture Shaykh Abdallah explains that Islamic tradition on the authority of the Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) has reached us today only by the sacrifice of many and enumerable grand luminaries of the ummah, men and women who truly sacrificed for this deen to be where it is today.

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