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The following lectures have been presented by Shaykh Abdallah Adhami to various audiences over the course of the last decade. Due to the illegal distribution of these lectures, often under false pretences, a serious effort has been undertaken to ensure the quality of these recordings. Thus they have been made available here with Shaykh Abdallah�s approval. We are indebted and grateful for your patience and support as this
process has developed and apologize for any inconvenience you may have incurred as a result of unauthorized distribution. Please see our copyright policy before reading or downloading any of the content from these pages.

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The Prayer of Women   In this series of talks, Shaykh Abdallah addresses the worship as performed by women including prayer, fasting and other forms of worship. These lectures explores the idea that women are of a higher spiritual essence than men and the impact this notion has on a woman's worship.
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Rethinking Romance: Love, Marriage and Islam   In this two part lecture Shaykh Abdallah discusses how Hayaa, modesty, is the emblematic quality of Islam and is the essential driving force behind sensuality in dignified marriage. Thereafter, he defines the words romance and romanticism and explains the reasoning behind the modern manifestation of romanticism in our era making it imperative on every Muslims to understand. Finally, he closes with the ideal description of marriage in Islam as demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Romance in Islam   Shaykh Abdallah starts off discussing Romance, Love, and Marriage in Islam around the oneness of human origin, “...being from one soul (ruh)...” and continues by heightening our sensitivity and appreciation to the topic of Romance in Islam by connecting us the intricate linguistics of the Arabic language.
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Purifying the Self   In this series of lectures, Shaykh Abdallah takes us through the essential ways in which we can purify and refine ourselves through the study of the self (nafs). He points out that purification (tazkiyyah) of the self is not only something that the hearts inclines towards but a trust (amana) from Allah, as we have been raised above the rank of angels by virtue of knowledge in order that we may elevate in closeness to Allah (honor and sublime beauty).
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